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 So, here's a little trailer for a book I'm excited about getting. It's from the mind of the brilliant Maggie Stiefvater who came up with the Shiver Series (it's about wolves and kissing, according to Maggie). Then, there's The Faerie's Queen Lament and Ballad which is about faeries and a little bit what happens when the faeries take an interest in them. Also, she's published The Hounds of Ulster in the Kiss Me Deadly Anthology which kind of runs along the same track, but just as brilliant. 

Anyway, here's the trailer. I'd recommend just listening to it for the awesome music. 

Anime/Manga Galore!!!
This morning I was innocently perusing my list for manga updates (lets me know when there are scanlation releases for manga) and I decide to finally update my Inuyasha chapters. Since I haven't done that in YEARS (literally). And I come across a forum topic that had my heart stop. 'Anime Continues!' At first, I was hesitant. This has happened before, when the finale aired for Inuyasha (the evil episode 167. I swear I will forever hate that number now) some dolt on the internet started a rumor that there was a fifth movie that was going to wrap it all up (and Kikyou was finally going to die. And stay dead.) Of course, that was not true at all.

I did some looking around, and yes there is one final season of Inuyasha. It's called The Final Act. Dum dum dum. I already have episode one. Waiting to be watched. (I'm all a quiver with excitment. Oooh, I can't wait for Richard Cox to do Inuyasha again and of course, David Kaye *shivers with excitement* And who am I to complain if Scott McNeil comes back too?)

And of course Rumiko Takashi has a new manga out "Kyoukai no Rinne". It's about a girl who sees ghosts and then meets this mysterious boy who sends ghosts to the otherside who at first might be a ghost until he seems like a real boy. *cue mysterious music* Did anyone else have a pinocchio deja vu?

And of course I'm trying to read all of my Angel Diary before I have to hit the hay (have to be at work at 8am tomorrow). I finished On the Edge by Ilona Andrews. Great book. But next I started Double Blind by Ann Aguirre (I know, I know I'm don't usually read sci fi but her writing is so good, how can I resist?)

But I tried out this new Gyro place and wasn't that impressed with it. And now if my hands are within a 100 yard radius of my face I snell gyro meat and pita bread. Which right now is not an appetizing smell.

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I have three favorite artists: Brian Froud, John William Waterhouse (I only have two of his prints. I'm planning to buy loads more when I get to Portland), and Yoshitaka Amano (if you are into anime you might have heard of him. He's the Visual Concept designer for Final Fantasy, and character desin for vampire hunter D.)

I own Hiten, Dream Hunter, Tsuki no Ou (Moon King), and I'm waiting to receive Worlds of Amano in the mail. So, I'm scoping out more of his books on ebay, but today ebay won't let me access my account. My login/password may be incorrect. I'm confuddled. So, I go through this whole dance of getting a new password, then I'm alerted that my account is restricted. I get to talk to an ebay person and I find out that someone had used to account to send unsolicited emails to other users *bangs head on table*.

I'm a huge manga, anime fan. I also have a weakness for Drama's. I tend to watch more K-drama's (korean drama's) since one of my sister's is living in South Korea. She had studied in sweden about three years ago when she came back she was telling me about this K-drama she had watched over there (she had a room mate who was korean). It sounded like one of my favorite Manwha's (manwha are manga's from Korea). It was. Goong was the name of it. Well, Joo Ji Hoon place the lead male character. One of my favorite's to be honest.

Last weekend I was talking to my sister and she had heard that Joo Ji Hoon was arrested for drug possession. Inside I was all 'noooo! Not my Joo-joo!' I had just reasoned that maybe it was just pot he was in possession in. Nope. Apparently, he is charged with drug use (early on I had heard that he was charged for drug trafficking of ketamine and ecstasy). But he had a movie coming out this month and it's been 'postponed indefinitely'; Tokyo Towers is a new show he's going to be doing. I don't know if they've just started filming or anything. But he has been dropped from the cast and the production company might find someone else. I guess a lot of Japanese investors have put up funds for Joo Ji Hoon to be in it at least a few billion wons which in US money would be a few thousand dollars.

A industry rep was quoted as saying, “Before the drug case, Joo Ji-hoon was deemed an actor with enough name value to bring in investments. The atmosphere has completely reversed now.”

*sad face*


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